At Amélie med spa in Tigard, we offer a menu of nourishing facials that have something for everyone.

Amélie Signature Facial 

The Amélie Signature facial is a luxe, invigorating facial that combines potent vitamins and skin-nourishing ingredients into a Signature serum. Add tox, filler, and PRF to your serum for flawless, airbrushed skin and a boost of collagen in the skin over time. Your custom serum is pressed into the skin using a sterile stamping device that deposits the ingredients into the skin, where they can be utilized immediately. Add dermaplaning or a Hydrojelly® mask for the ultimate experience. This amazing facial has no downtime, making it the perfect treatment before any event. The most dramatic results are seen 72 hours post-treatment.

Amélie Clarify Facial 

The Amélie Clarify facial is a gentle acne-focused treatment that focuses on active breakouts to calm inflammation, break down stubborn oil, and soothe inflamed skin. It combines the exfoliating benefits of Diamond Glow’s Pore Clarifying Serum, Forever Clear BBL to target active breakouts, and ZO’s Stimulator peel to leave the skin refreshed and glowing.

Amélie Refresh Facial 

The Amélie Refresh is a relaxing, refreshing facial. It combines advanced lymphatic drainage massage with gua sha, manual exfoliation, deep hydration, and LED light therapy. This relaxing treatment tones facial muscles, releases tension, boosts blood circulation, and encourages facial rejuvenation. Gift this one-hour facial to a loved one or indulge in the ultimate skin treat for yourself.