If 2022 was a word, for Amélie, it was GROWTH. Growth within the team, service menu, products, education, even growth in our number of locations! As we reflect on the last year, we want to highlight all the changes that have been made and how they will benefit our clients and community.

Growing Team

One of the best ways we grew was with our amazing team. We not only had team members grow into new roles, but we were also able to add three more amazing women to the mix. Being a strong, close knit team is something we really pride ourselves on and it is clear when you come in that we all work well together and have a great time doing it! 

Many of our clients may be wondering where Emily, who was a staple at our front desk, went?! While you will still see her around the clinic, if you miss her one on one time, all you have to do is schedule a skincare or Coolsculpting service with us! That’s right, Emily has transitioned seamlessly to an esthetician role and we couldn’t be more proud. You will also be able to see her at our NEW location. (more on that later) In addition to Emily’s new position, in January of 2022, we welcomed both Melissa and Blayke to the Amélie fam!

As most of you probably know by now, Melissa is one of our amazing nurse injectors and came to us with a background in plastic surgery management. She has been a wonderful addition to the team and we often wonder how we ever lived without her work ethic, humor and $12 Tuesdays! 

Another face that is probably familiar to a lot of you now is Blayke. If you are a client of Améle, you know that Blayke is one of our amazing Patient Care Coordinators that brought a talent to us that we didn’t even know we needed! Her background in retail has helped us grow our customer service experience by bringing on high quality items like silk pillowcases, facials tools, and so much more! 

Last but certainly not least, is Dankia! Danika is our newest team member and she has become such an integral part of our clinic. She also comes from a retail background and has the most outgoing, bubbly personality there is! The best word to describe Danika is light. She has a presence that leaves you feeling happy and cared for which is one of the many reasons we are so thankful to have her!

New Services and Products

There is never a shortage of new services, products, or techniques in this industry and we have carefully curated our service menu with the highest quality equipment and products to best serve our client’s needs. Here are a few new additions to our service menu in the last year! 


We have been wanting to add some sort of female rejuvenation to our service menu for quite some time and 2022 felt like the perfect time! Viveve is a revolutionary treatment to help women with vaginal discomfort, dryness, and urinary incontinence. This device uses a clinically-proven technology: cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency to deliver gentle heating to build collagen and elasticity, while cooling delicate surface tissue which minimizes any discomfort with the treatment. The procedure is a comfortable, 60-minute outpatient treatment performed by one of our licensed female providers. Ladies, make time this year to put your self-care first and come in for a free, no obligation consultation!

PRF Hair Restoration

Struggling with thinning hair? The PRF Hair Restoration procedure uses your own Platelet Rich Fibrin to re-grow your natural hair. This treatment is a must for anyone wanting to improve fullness or combat a receding hairline. Most clients notice results within 4-6 weeks, with continued improvement for up to 12 weeks! Plan for 6-8 treatments, 6-8 weeks apart for WOW worthy results. Results may last up to 2 years, however maintenance treatments are recommended every 6 months. 

B-12 Injections

These days, everyone is looking for ways to stay healthy and get a little extra boost so we added Vitamin B-12 injections as an add on to any of our services to give you just that! B-12 helps maintain good health and has been shown to be beneficial in helping to: Reduce stress, fatigue, improve memory and cardiovascular health, and maintain a good body weight. It can also assist the body in converting proteins, fats and carbohydrates into energy and is necessary for healthy skin and eyes. B12 Injections are better absorbed by the body since they go directly into the bloodstream. Add a B-12 shot to any of your upcoming appointments for just $30! 

The Amélie Booty Lift

Sorry Kim K but, the days of bulging Brazilian Butt Lifts are out! We strive for results that only accentuate your already beautiful features. Natural, more subtly enhanced booties are IN and here to stay. The Amélie Booty Lift is a minimally invasive booty enhancement using our favorite long lasting collagen stimulator, Sculptra! Our injectors strategically place Sculptra in areas that are lacking definition and fullness to give you a natural looking shape.  You will begin to see your results at 3 months and your full ABL results at 12 months!! We love using Sculptra for not only the face but for the booty as well because it stimulates the production of collagen within that area to create a natural volume.

FOUR New Amélie Facials

Amélie Refresh – Being a medically focused medspa, we have always focused on medical grade facials but knowing self-care was the 2022 motto, we felt we needed to add a facial that not only gives great results but also focuses on relaxation. The Amélie Refresh is a relaxing, refreshing facial. It combines advanced lymphatic drainage massage with gua sha, manual exfoliation, deep hydration, and LED light therapy. This relaxing treatment tones facial muscles, releases tension, boosts blood circulation, and encourages facial rejuvenation.

Amélie Clarify – While the days of mask wearing seem to be coming to an end, for some, the stubborn acne it caused is still very present. The Amélie Clarify facial is a gentle acne focused treatment that focuses on active breakouts to calm inflammation, break down stubborn oil, and soothe inflamed skin. It combines the exfoliating benefits of DiamondGlow’s Pore Clarifying Serum, Forever Clear BBL to target active breakouts, and ZO’s Stimulator peel to leave the skin refreshed and glowing.

Amélie Signature – I don’t know about you, but I am so happy events and parties are back! The Amélie Signature Facial is the perfect treatment to get you party ready! This facial is the ultimate luxury skin treatment. It works by microinfusing a custom made serum directly into your skin using sterile needles to give you the glowiest skin ever. The Amélie Signature combines potent ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin B to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, plump and hydrate the skin, reduce the appearance of pores, and give your skin a natural glow! Add premium add-ons like Botox and HA fillers to give your skin an airbrushed look! There is minimal downtime with this luxury treatment, we recommend scheduling 3-5 days before a big event so your results are fully kicked in.

Amélie Glow – It’s not secret that combo treatments are Amélie’s speciality. The Amélie Glow combines three of our most favorite facial treatments; DiamondGlow, Amélie Signature Facial, and dermaplaning! Our DiamondGlow helps with hydration, pore congestion, and dullness while the Amélie Signature minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, visibly reduces pore size leaving the skin looking luminous! Dermaplaning adds another level of exfoliation to bring out that Glow! We recommend this for any client getting ready for a big event or just someone who needs a boost of skin confidence! Add premium add-ons like Botox and HA fillers to give your skin an even more airbrushed look!

In addition to the above new services, we also added a second Elite Coolsculpting machine to our army of high end equipment! We understand that exercise and diet aren’t the only tools needed for getting your body snatched. Added a second Elite machine not only gives us the ability to give you even better results, but it also cuts down on treatment time! If you are ready to get your 2023 revenge body, come in for a complimentary consultation today! 

NEW Location

I think the biggest area of growth we had this year was announcing our second location at the new Vancouver Waterfront! Having another location was a dream come true for our owners, Amy, Summer, and Joe and the location is perfect. While things don’t always go to plan, we are more excited than ever to share this new space with all of you! 

The goal for our new, Vancouver Waterfront location, was to open in March of 2022. In true post pandemic fashion, delays hit early on. While we were hopeful that we would be able to start seeing patients by the end of the year, the universe had other plans for us. Although delays are never fun and being patient for something so exciting is difficult, the wait will be SO worth it! We could not be more thrilled to be opening early 2023 and it just puts a cherry on top of what we hope will be our best year yet at Amélie. 

At our new location, you will be right on the beautiful Vancouver Waterfront and surrounded by vast amounts of amazing food, drinks and entertainment. When you walk in the clinic, you will be greeted by tons of natural light from the floor to ceiling windows, tall ceilings, beautiful displays of our expanded retail selection (more on that later), and the smiling faces of our team that you have come to know and love! The space is made up of 7 spacious treatment rooms between two floors, all bright with natural light and beautiful design. 

This new space will be somewhere you won’t want to wait to go and we can’t wait to see you!

New Retail

As our client base grew over the last year, we wanted to do our best to make sure we had something for everyone at Amélie and the result from that was TONS of new retail and skincare products! Here are just some of the new items we brought on in 2022.

ZO Skincare

While we LOVE all of our skincare lines for different reasons, we felt we were missing out on ZO’s amazing products. ZO provides comprehensive solutions for creating and maintaining healthy skin for anyone regardless of age, ethnicity, unique skin condition or skin type. From correcting sun damage, pigmentation to preventing and protecting against future damage, ZO has your skin health covered! Come speak with one of our advanced estheticians to see how ZO could help you!

Nutrafol Hair Growth Supplements

Skin isn’t the only thing that has been top of mind the last year or so. Hair health has been something we have been hearing as a concern for so many of our clients. After lots of research, we felt there was no better product to help with these concerns than Nutrafol! Nutrafol is the number one dermatologist recommended brand because it  is built on a science-backed approach to whole-body wellness and hair health. Their products are clinically tested and physician-formulated to support different bio-specific needs during various life stages and lifestyles so that you can grow into the best version of yourself. There is a supplement for everyone so come on in and find out how they can get you the locks of your dreams!

Jane Iredale Makeup and Supplements

In this industry, a lot of the treatments can leave you with a little redness and uneven skin tone while the treatment does its thing. But downtime should never be a factor when considering what’s best for your skin! Jane Iredale is a clean beauty line that uses botanicals to strengthen and nourish the skin. It is safe for post-procedure so you can get a treatment and not worry about going back to work after and people wondering what you had done. We carry a variety of products ranging from mineral-based foundation to skin health supplements to help you take your skin to the next level! 

Luna Bronze Sunless Tanning

Being a NW based company, we know we don’t see much sun. And, when we do get our few months a year of sunshine, we want to be out soaking it all in! It’s a real bummer that sun damage is the biggest cause of aging so we wanted to find a product that allows you to “fake it till you make it!” The Luna Bronze Tanning line allows you to protect your skin during those beautiful summer days without sacrificing the tan we all want. We carry a variety of products such as tanning mousse, facial drops, and even a gradual tanning lotion if you’re like me and can never commit to the full self tanning regimen! 

Facial Tools

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I want to have a self care night with a nice glass of wine and a facial. But, I’m not an esthetician so it can feel a bit lackluster when I do it myself. Not anymore!! Amélie now carries Mount Lai facial tools including Jade and Rose Quartz Rollers and gua sha to help your self care nights feel a little more bougie. If you’ve had a Amélie Refresh Facial, you know the lymphatic drainage is not only so relaxing, but makes a huge difference in your skin. Next time you see one of our esthis, be sure to ask them how to incorporate these tools into your daily or weekly routine! 

Goodnight Co Pillowcases and Eye Masks

After all this talk about skin and hair, the Goodnight Co pillowcases and sleep masks just seemed like a perfect product to bring on in 2022! The Goodnight Co.’s 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases and sleep masks are recommended by leading dermatologists. Sleeping on silk has a long list of benefits for your hair, skin and sleep patterns. With pure 6A grade, 22 momme Mulberry Silk Pillowcases, you’ll wake with smooth hair, glowing skin and a radiant complexion that only comes from a good night’s sleep. 


As I mentioned before, there is never a lack of NEW in this industry which is why we at Amélie believe in continuous training every single year. In 2022, our team completed over 100 hours of training with focuses on Sculptra, neurotoxins, filler and customer service! Some of the things we focus on in these training sessions are technique, safety, and how to best serve our clients. You can be rest assured that when you come to Amélie, you will be met with some of the best trained injectors, estheticians, and Patient Care Coordinators in the industry!

New Focuses

We know that 2022 has been a tough year when it comes to finances and sometimes, self care is the first thing to take a back seat when budgeting. Amélie wants to make sure that doesn’t need to happen. We have put a lot of thought into how to make self care budget friendly and accessible to all! What we have implemented into our practice over the last year are two main things: Memberships and longer lasting treatments.

Memberships – In April, we launched our Amélie Membership plans to offer our clients an easier way to pay for their services. Our memberships are simple and there are no strings attached. The way they work is you can choose from any of our three plans; Amélie Elite $249, Amélie Exclusive $199, or Amélie Insider $149. The plan you choose will be deducted from your chosen bank account each month and immediately added onto your account as a credit which can then be used toward any service or product. All of our members will also receive $1 off per unit at your Botox/Dysport appointments, 10% off our product of the month, and a new monthly member only special! This membership program is the perfect way to budget out your self care appointments monthly and also save you money every time you visit. There is no red tape or contracts to this membership and you can cancel at any time or skip a month or two if needed. Your credits never expire and can be used for any service or product at Amélie!

Longer Lasting Treatments – Wouldn’t it be nice if your skincare and injectable treatments lasted longer? Guess what? They can! Our Amélie experts know coming in can be a challenge these days so we want to do whatever we can to make sure your results are looking better and lasting longer than ever before! How do we do that? Combo treatments! After much research, we have found that pairing your injectable treatments and skin care services with at home skin care not only lengthens your time between treatments, but also makes your results even better! You may have noticed in your most recent appointments that our providers are making long term plans with you. This is because, although we love to see you, seeing you less and getting better results is usually a better option for our busy clients! Talk to your provider next time you’re in about how we can improve your results and make them more long lasting!


As you can see, Amélie has grown more than ever before and we hope this growth is only the beginning! We can’t wait to see what 2023 brings and we look forward to continually bringing on new services, products, and much more. See you in the new year!

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